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Welcome to Wheelhouse Hockey

We are dedicated to training the complete player using our curriculum based training system.  We focus on the player from technique to skill to physical literacy.  Skill is not born, it is learned.  

For questions about program offerings, contact our Program Director by clicking here.  

Out Train.  Out Think.  Out Play.  

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    Player Mentorship and Advising

    Boys and Girls

    Youth, Junior, College, Pro

    Application Only

    Spring Training

    Boys and Girls Ages 5 - 17

    Girls Only Ages 9-17

    Summer Academy

    Boys and Girls Ages 5 - 17

    Girls Only Ages 9-17

    Holiday Skills Lab (Fall/Winter)

    Boys and GIrls

    Ages 9-17

    March Skill Sessions

    Boys and GIrls

    Ages 9-17

    Team Training and Coach Mentorship

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    Jamie Printz Program Director

    Jamie Printz Program Director

    Wheelhouse Hockey

    Phone: 716-352-1517