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Wheelhouse Elite Hockey Development | Player Mentorship

How do players get better? 

  • Repetition
  • Engagement
  • Individual Attention

There is a difference between skating and training.  Wheelhouse Hockey has developed a skill development program for players looking to develop their game and play at the highest levels. 

We require all Wheelhouse Elite participants to apply and be accepted into the program to ensure that candidates are of similar ability.  You should be a Tier 1 or high end Tier 2 player if you are considering this program.

Individual Video and IQ Training - Game Performance Analysis

Game Analysis - Wheelhouse Hockey will provide a video analysis program for players to help take their game to the next level.  It is no secret that film is an important part of learning.  Players will submit games and receive a breakdown with a voice overlay.  This allows players to watch multiple times and process the information better.

We will break down skills necessary to excel in the game.  We will look for decision making and the techniques needed to execute in each situation.   Our focus is to increase IQ and give you the tools to succeed.

Payment plans are available.  Contact us for details.

Individual Game $125
5 Games $600
10 Games $1150

Weekly Teaching Clips - From October to May, our coaches will provide NHL game clips to reinforce skills or concepts that we are working on during the season.  Clips are added throughout the week as plays develop through the season.

Private Skill Development

Our on-ice skills program combines the opportunity to train in our flagship skills clinics and our private training sessions with players of similar skill levels.  

Players will focus on posture, balance, glide, control and smooth power.  Sessions are tailored to the group.  Sign up for an individual session or buy multiple sessions and save.  You can sign up for any of the listed training sessions available.  Each session will be limited to no more than 6 players per coach to maximize player development.    Pricing determined by number of players and ice costs.  Contact us for details.

Wheelhouse Practice Jersey included in all Skills Packages

360 Development

The most comprehensive training plan in the area!

There is a difference between skating and training. Our 360 Coaching Program is the most comprehensive private training program in the area.  We combine the on ice skills development with Video and IQ and add in advising services.  We develop an on-ice program to work on the areas of the game discussed in the video sessions. 

We will look at the whole player to determine strengths and weakness and help players play to their skill sets.   We are not attempting to work outside of your current coach.  We will work within the structure and teach players how to excel in their current environment by developing skills and decision making that translate to the game.

Unlimited Skills - Attend any age appropriate skills sessions in our Skills Lab, Pre-Tryout, Spring Training or Summer Academy.  We offer close to 200 hours of ice a year.  

Members Only Clinics - Members Only skates will typically have 1-3 players per coach maximizing repetition, engagement and attention to detail. 

Video and IQ Training - Players will receive game analysis and breakdowns in addition to weekly teaching clips.

Zoom Meetings - Players have the option to sit down with our coaches once a month and meet about his or her development plan and answer questions about how to move forward.  These meetings are not required but are recommended.

Career Counseling - Check in with coaches to get advice on what to do next.  We are not a placement service, but we are a sounding board to help you discuss options available to you.  Our interest is what is in your best interest.    

This program is designed for the high level player looking to take his or her game to the highest level.

Payment plans are available 


$4250 | 12 Months

  • Weekly Game Analysis
  • Weekly Teaching Clips
  • Unlimited Access to Age Appropriate Skills Clinics
  • 15 Private Training Sessions
  • Career Counseling and Advising
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Wheelhouse Hockey Practice Jersey



$3250 | 12 months

  • Video Game Analysis 2x per month
  • Weekly Teaching Clips
  • Unlimited Access to Age Appropriate Skills Clinics
  • 10 Private Training Sessions
  • Career Counseling and Advising
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Wheelhouse Hockey Practice Jersey

We plan to accept only 10 players into the 360 Development program in 2023-2024.  Players must apply using the link below.