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Defense Camp

At our Defense Camp you will learn critical position-specific skills and tactics, including defensive and offensive skills to gain the extra edge in game situations.  The modern defenseman is a hybrid who can play both ends of the rink with and without the puck.  Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and reactionary. We'll cover things such as defensive tactics, Layering, reversing puck, angling, gap control, net play and puck protection.

Skating and Edges: Including proper body position, correct use of inside and outside edges, balance and agility so players can get the most power out of each stride and position specific skating.

Defending:  Our staff will teach angling, gap control, 1v1 defense, and net front coverage.

Exiting the Zone: Reversing and breaking the puck out of the D Zone, reading and breaking down the forcheck, making a good first pass, using the net

Joining the Play:  Instruction on transitions so players can smoothly move from skating forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards without losing speed. Attacking the triangle, following the play and finding soft ice, making plays on zone entries, power moves.

The Offensive Zone:  Supporting the blue line.  Jumping into the cycle, exchanges special teams concepts.

Camps Offered

Spring Session 1 - April 14, 21, May 5, 12

Defense Camp 2003-2010 Wed 7:00-8:00pm   $130

Spring Session 2 - May 17 - June 17

Defense Camp 2003-2010 Wed 7:00-8:00pm   $130

Summer Session - July 5 - August 13

Defense Camp 2003-2010 Fri 9:00-10:00am $180

Space is limited to 20 skaters.