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Offensive Skills and Tactics

At Offensive Skills and Tactics you will learn critical position-specific skills and tactics, including offensive and defensive skills to gain the extra edge in game situations.  The modern skater plays a 200-foot game, is dynamic with the puck and has a nose for the net.  Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and reactionary. We'll cover things such as offensive tactics, angling, net play, puck protection, cycling, and zone entries.

Skating and Edges: Including proper body position, correct use of inside and outside edges, balance and agility so players can get the most power out of each stride and position specific skating.

Offensive Concepts: Offensive concepts like cycling, exchanges, attacking off the half wall, net front play, finding soft ice and shooting to score, angling, transitional skating and speed, odd and even rush zone entries and concepts, shooting off the rush.

Camps Offered

Camps run from July 5-August 13 and will meet one session per week.

  Offensive Skills and Tactics 2003-2010 Fri 11:00-12:00pm   $180

Limit 20 skaters per session.