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Skating for Performance

This mini Power Skating camp will offer 1 hour of on-ice per week. The focus of this camp will be power skating with and without pucks. The areas to be covered will be forward/backwards skating, balance, advanced edge control, crossovers, power turns and take-offs, explosive acceleration, agility maneuvers, speed training, resistance drills, and lateral mobility. 

Skating and Edges: Including proper body position, correct use of inside and outside edges, balance and agility so players can get the most power out of each stride.

Crossovers:  We also cover crossover technique, demonstrating the most efficient use of edges to generate maximum speed and power. 

Power Turns: Proper body position and edge control while executing power turns so players can quickly and efficiently change direction.

Transition:  Instruction on transitions so players can smoothly move from skating forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards without losing speed.

Camps Offered

Camps run from July 5-August 13 and will meet one session per week.

Skating for Performance 2003-2012 Fri 8:00-9:00am $180
Skating for Performance II 2003-2012 Wed 8:00-9:00am $180

Space is limited to 20 skaters.